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Dining for Dollars Fundraising

Enjoy a great meal. Raise money for a great cause.

Dining for Dollars is a great way for Bertucci's to give back to the communities that support our restaurants every day.

HOW IT WORKS: It's simple. When guests present the Dining for Dollars flyer on the day of your event, 15% of their check will go towards your non-profit organization. Dining for Dollars events can be scheduled for any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday at any local Bertucci's. The more guests who dine at Bertucci's or order for carry out, the more money your organization will make.


  • Contact your local Bertucci's, by phone or in person and talk with one of our managers for details.
  • Make sure to leave at least four weeks lead time to set up a successful fundraiser.  That will allow your organization time to publicize the event to attract more guests and raise more money.
  • Arrange a day and time with your local Bertucci's manager.  You will asked to submit a signed W9 form so that sales and donations can be tracked properly.  Bertucci's may have W9 forms available for you if necessary.  Completed and signed W9 forms must be submitted prior to event.
  • Now comes the fun part, publicizing the event.  This is critical for you to have a successful fundraiser.  Your Bertucci's manager will have flyers for you to distribute.  Many organizations also choose to create their own flyers, posters, and email blasts to get the word out to your organization members and friends.  Bertucci's will help in any way we can to publicize your event.  Just ask. 
  • Remember the more flyers you distribute, the more flyers that will be redeemed on the day of your event.  A flyer is necessary in order for 15% of the check to go back to your organization. 
  • Make sure to promote the event for at least two weeks prior to the day and also to send reminders on the day of the event. 
  • Also, make sure people know they can dine in the restaurant or take food home from carry out. 
  • Day of the event at Bertucci's:  Have some fun.  Many organizations will use the event to connect with family, friends and other members.  Some organizations decorate.  Some will come dressed in team's uniforms.  Talk to your Bertucci's manager about ways to bring your event to life.  Enjoy!
  • At the end of the day, Bertucci's manager will submit a complete accounting of the fundraising event to our finance department at corporate headquarters. 
  • Your organization will receive payment for 15% of sales from checks with flyers, generally within a week after your event.  Checks will be sent to the restaurant for pick up 1-2 weeks after the event.
  • Start planning your next Dining for Dollars event.