Meetings & Pizza Just Go Together

brick oven pizza

Meetings can be stressful enough to prepare for without worrying about what you’re going to serve as a meal. Lunch meetings are especially common and it’s important to have food available this time of day; if your guests don’t eat, they’re likely to be less productive and more argumentative during your session. Fortunately, Bertucci’s has you covered with our delicious brick oven pizzas.

Pizza is the ideal meeting meal for a variety of reasons. Even if it’s never occurred to you to serve pizza for business-oriented occasions in the past, there’s no time like the present to make the switch. As you read on, you’ll discover exactly why pizza and meetings are the perfect pairing.

You can order numerous options: One of the biggest perks of choosing pizza for meetings is that you can get a wide variety of styles, including vegetarian options, gluten free options, and meat lovers’ options. This should cover just about everyone at your meeting. You can even ask ahead of time if any participants have specific dietary restrictions or allergies to make sure you order something for everyone.

It’s a grab-and-go meal: Pizza is one of the easiest foods to eat while multitasking. This makes it ideal for meetings. Your attendees will be able to enjoy their brick oven pizza without diverting their attention from the matter at hand. Sit-down lunches that require concentration aren’t a great choice for most meetings because they take time away from the actual purpose of the event.

It can be served any time of day: No matter what time of day you are hosting your next meeting, Bertucci’s can make pizzas that suit your needs. While many people choose pizza for lunch meetings, it can also make an excellent casual dinner or even breakfast, if toppings like ham and bacon are used. Simply let our staff know what your situation is, and we’ll work with you to create the perfect array of brick oven pizzas.

Cleanup is simple: After a meeting, the last thing you want to do is spend time picking up a mess. Pizza is a great option because the boxes can be tossed or recycled, and you can use foam or paper plates. No cutlery or china is called for!

Order a Brick Oven Pizza for Your Next Meeting

Bertucci’s takes pride in using fresh ingredients to make pizzas for all of our customers. We love catering meetings and we look forward to learning more about your next event so we can help you make it memorable and productive for everyone involved.