Pizza with Olive
What’s so special about the brick oven? In a word: everything.
Our signature brick ovens cook at an intense heat, locking in freshness and enhancing the natural flavors of everything from our pizza and pasta to our vegetables and seafood. They reach cooking temperatures of 675 degrees and the radiant flame from below the oven floor touches 1150 degrees. 
At such high temperatures, cooking in the brick oven becomes a real art; one we’ve been perfecting for 35 years. Each oven is slightly different, so no two dishes cook exactly the same. Our brick oven chefs have years of experience learning the nuances of their brick oven to get each dish exactly right.
Cooking in the brick oven is divided into three lanes. Dishes are moved within the lanes depending how they cook. Pizzas, for example, start in the coolest part of the oven and are rotated closer to the flame upon completion. Many pizza cooks “dome” the pizza, holding it close to the circular ceiling of the oven to caramelize the cheese and other toppings.
At Bertucci’s, our brick oven chefs are up bright and early every morning to light the fires and prepare our fresh vegetables for roasting. We roast our vegetables in small batches throughout the day. Our brick oven chefs are true artists, many with decades of brick oven cooking experience. Several of our brick oven chefs have even passed their craft down to the next generation in their family, and you will often find generations working side by side at the brick oven.  
Next time you are in Bertucci’s, spend a moment observing our cooks work the brick oven to perfection. Taste our signature pizzas, fresh roasted vegetables, or maybe a brick oven baked lasagna and you will know why there’s a brick oven at the center of every Bertucci’s.