Why Pizza is Perfect for Any Occasion

Cheese pizza with calzone + sauce

Pizza is one of the world’s most versatile foods. From meat to veggie pizzas, there’s no limit to options. Whether you need to serve a crowd or just want to please your family, pizza is the perfect answer.

A Wide Variety of Pizza Toppings

There are dozens of different kinds of pizzas, which means we can satisfy any type of palate. It’s important to us that your dietary needs are met. As such, we offer dairy-free pizzas, gluten-sensitive options, vegan pizza as well as accommodations for different food allergies. At Bertucci’s, we make our brick oven pizzas with only the freshest ingredients, so you can pick and choose what works for you or those you’re dining with. Make half the pizza pepperoni and the other half cheese, or opt for one of our signature brick oven pizzas on multigrain dough. There are so many pizzabilities!
Why Bertucci’s brick oven pizza is a great choice for any occasion:

  • Homemade award-winning pizza dough. Voted “Best of Boston” several times since Bertucci’s first opened more than three decades ago!!
  • Our dough is handmade and slowly matured in a controlled environment for 36 to 48 hours to achieve the perfect texture and unmatched flavor.
  • Pizza dough is hand-stretched and topped to order.
  • We top our classic Margherita pizza (and all tomato-based pizzas) with our own crushed tomatoes.
  • Our pizzas are cooked at very high temperatures in a blazing hot brick oven.
  • Every pizza is a unique masterpiece.
  • We top our pizzas with a roasted black olive, which symbolizes our seal of approval!
  • Chef Rosario goes to California every summer to personally supervise the picking and packing of our tomatoes, which are grown by family farmers specifically for us.
  • Our vegetables are fire-roasted in our brick ovens to maximize their flavor.
  • We also have an amazing variety of cheeses from Pecorino Romano, to fresh “fior di latte” mozzarella and luscious Burrata!

Party Size Pizzas Available

A pizza can feed two or twenty people, making it ideal for any dining situation. If you’re having a date night in, you can order a single large brick oven pizza, or if you need to feed dozens, we can make that happen too. Just let us know how many people you’re serving, and we’ll make enough pizza to meet your needs. We even offer catering services, so you can reserve your food in advance, freeing you up to focus on other details on the day of a big event.

An Affordable Dinner Option

Even the most high-quality pizzas tend to be budget-friendly compared to other food options. If you’re a coach wanting to treat your team, a brick oven pizza from Bertucci’s is the way to go. Additionally, we have special team packages and can help you feed a hungry horde any day of the year. During game day or for a large celebration, stop in or order online from our party menu.

Pizzas are Perfect for Both Casual & Formal Occasions

Although pizza has an ultra-casual reputation, gourmet brick oven varieties are easy to serve at more formal occasions as well. Tell us what type of event you’re preparing for and we’ll develop a pizza menu that is perfect. From rehearsal dinners to office meetings, pizza can be dressed up or down!

Next time you’re debating what to serve, remember Bertucci’s. Our delicious, freshly made pizzas are real crowd-pleasers and our courteous, professional staff will work with you to make sure your order is perfect every time. Find a location near you or visit us at Bertuccis.com!